Pepe and Roxy von Zils

Pepe and Roxy von Zils are 2 delightful 10 month old Great Dane/German Shepherd mix puppies. Don't let the word "puppy" fool you, they are huge, with Pepe weighing in at 100 pounds and Roxy at 86 pounds, and both still have growing to do. If you love extra large dogs, they are the ones for you. They were rescued by a good samaritan when she noticed them in a junk yard next to her work place. The owners were neglecting the pups who obviously were too sweet and too friendly to be guard dogs. They are safe and sound with us and are eager to find their own families who will love them forever. Both Pepe and Roxy are huge love bugs and are very friendly with people, and don't seem to have problems with other dogs either. Don't let those serious looking faces fool you, they are total goofballs who just want to say hi to everyone they meet. We would love to place them togethr but it's not a must. You really have to meet these 2 beauties to appreciatre how wonderful and stunning they are!




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