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Rex von Thal

Rex is nine months old. He is one of the most beautiful German Shepherds you could ever hope to see. Rex is well-bred and has a beautiful stance and conformation. So far life has been horrible for Rex. He was turned in to a shelter about three weeks ago. Our guess is that the very tall boy, just got too big for some family. We hear this all the time. Rex was then adopted from the shelter by a family with little money. Rex came down with kennel cough that he had gotten in the shelter. The people had no money to treat Rex. He got sicker and sicker, he hadn't eaten for weeks. He was just skin and bones when he finally arrived at the vet. The vet recommended that Rex needed intravenous antibiotics and fluids otherwise he would die. The people had no money so their only option was to have him euthanized. We are so grateful that one of the vet techs called us asking for help. Rex is now our boy, we visit him daily and hand feed him sautéed chicken breasts. Everyday he is feeling a little bit stronger. Rex gets to be disconnected from the I.V. to visit for a few minutes. He likes to have his big beautiful head rubbed and his forehead kissed. Rex's life is being saved on our credit card. We are praying for some financial help for this big, beautiful pup. Even if you could help with one I.V.bag which is pumping life back into him, it would only be $35. All together we are making a difference one life at a time.

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