Pogo von Paige


This little lover came to us with his mother and siblings when he was only 3 days old, so we know that his mom was a Shepherd mix. We suspect his dad was a smaller travelin' man. Pogo is more like a lap dog who gives joyful face licks with his tail wagging full force. He delights in standing on your lap, putting his "arms" around your neck and nestling his head on your shoulder. He is a playful, energetic 4-month-old pup who likes other dogs and wants to play with cats. Pogo has a sensitive tummy that requires he be fed small meals a few times a day rather than one big meal. To hold this boy is to fall in love with him.  Notice that his soulful brown eyes are asking, "Will you please take me home?"

This is me snoozing by my food bowl after gobbling up my lunch. :-)
(I can't believe they took a picture of me sleeping ... so rude)


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