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Pete is a classic purebred 4-year-old German Shepherd. He is a large guy and has beautiful conformation. He has a show stance and a beautiful high-spirited prance. When we saw Pete at a crowded animal shelter he was so depressed he didn't even want to stand up. Once we got him to the parking lot we saw a whole different dog. He was so beside himself to get in the car. He just wanted out of that place. He is very good-natured and is one of the few dogs we are boarding with another male. They both hang out in their run together waiting to be discovered and whisked away to a wonderful life and a wonderful family. One of our volunteers took Pete home for some pictures. Everyone had to stop to admire him. Pete's family gave him up because they were moving. He has such warmth and gets so attached, it seems so unbelievable that someone could walk away from him. His coat is beautiful and he has had good care, he is so hungry for another family to love.

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