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Manta is a beautiful 6-month-old blackand red German Shepherd. Judging from his bone structure, Manta still has lots of growing to do. He has an abundance of energy and he needs lots of exercise, either walking, running or playing fetch. Manta is extraordinarily intelligent, he was housebroken within three days and has learned commands such as sit, lie down, and stay within a couple of days. He responds to both verbal and hand commands. He walks well on a leash and is improving on heeling.
Manta is very strong-willed and needs a family who is loving, but has time for exercise and to continue his training. He needs someone who is "calm, assertive" with Manta so that he doesn't feel like he in charge of the house. Manta would have to be introduced to a new dog slowly. In the boarding kennel where he is now boarded, he can be walked with dogs he knows, but doesn't like new dogs.
Manta was in a family with children, but would probably be better in a home with older children because he will knock them over. Manta was respectful of a cat in his former home. We think Manta would do best with a man who was interested in an active, intelligent, strong willed boy.

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