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Padre von Pilzenhof

Padre von Pilzenhof is a charismatic 14-month-old German Shepherd looking to charm his way into some lucky family's heart.  Padre was working his magnetic personality at a recent adoption event, wagging that tail of his to get everyone's attention.  And he was pretty successful at it too.  Everyone who walked by was sucked right in with his alluring smile and gorgeous eyes.  He knew he had them right where he wanted them.  Just look at his face... how can anyone resist the likes of him!  Padre is great with other dogs.  In fact, he walks up to them and gives them a little kiss to let them know he's a good guy.  As you can see from his modeling session, he enjoys the attention and posed for the camera with every ounce of his personality.  Padre would be a wonderful addition to your life.  Come meet him and you'll agree.

That's me on the very left! I'm pretty handsome, don't you think?


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