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Oso von Osterhasen

Oso von Osterhasen is a beautiful 9 year old long haired German Shepherd. We keep hearing that the economy is getting better, but Oso lost his home because his family lost theirs. Oso ended up in a high kill shelter with the other family dog, who was younger and quickly adopted, Oso had no options, so we got him at the last minute. It has been a really hard ordeal for Oso, he loved the other dog in the family, he loved the kids, he watched them grow up. When they were babies they could crawl all over him and even pull his fur, he was always loving and patient. His very sad former mom cried with relief when she heard we had Oso. She kept saying that he was the best dog, just an amazing dog! She would walk with him to the park, even if other dogs would bark at him, he did nothing back. He is housebroken and good in the house. The dad was a sheriff and the family felt safe at home with the big teddy bear there to watch out for them. He would just give one big bark if anything seemed out of order; no one knew he was just a big marshmallow. Older dogs, particular the males seem to do so poorly in a boarding situation, we want to find Oso a home quickly. If any of our former adopters have a place in their home and in their hearts for Oso, the adoption fee is very nominal. Oso loves to go for walks, he doesn’t pull. He is great with other dogs, so he would be an easy one to fit right into your home.


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