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Oslo von Osterholz

Oslo von Osterholz is a magnificent 3 year old red and black extra tall German Shepherd. His face is a tad wider than a classic German Shepherd so your guess is as good as ours. We do know for sure that he is one big, handsome hunk!

Per his foster mom:
He is a very, very forgiving dog-nothing seems to phase him. He is very happy-go-lucky, just a big goofball, and very much still a puppy. He is very playful-you can see he has spent a lot of time alone as he will play by himself-he is a champion bug catcher. Not terribly interested in fetch-but he LOVES squeaky toys and loves to play with the hose. Does not like a bath but puts up with it. He likes to go on walks-and is exceptionally well behaved on the leash. He shows absolutely no aggression to people or dogs-even when we see a bunny he notices it but does not try to chase it. He is protective-our older son came to visit and arrived early-I was not home-our dogs know him but Oslo would not let him in. I was very proud of him! He likes men, which is great-however, he likes dogs more.  He is very good with our 9 year old son. Oslo is housebroken and knows his commands. Oslo we discovered is not good with cats. He doesn’t kennel well and needs to gain some weight again. Everyone is always looking for an extra large, well behaved stunning looking dog, we have one now!

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