Oskar is a complete cutie. He is only 7 months old and full of puppy energy. He has a full coat and adorable floppy ears, he has so much personality He wants to climb in your lap and cover you with kisses. He is clearly a puppy and full of himself. Oskar still has growing to do. We think he will be a good-sized shepherd.

Our Oskar has has just received a benefactor. While the other dogs wait in small runs waiting to be adopted, Oskar is enjoying the luxury of the Loved Dog Company in West Los Angeles. He has lots of room and other dogs to romp and play with.Oskar is having the best time and becoming quite the social butterfly. When it comes time to sleep Oskar has his own beautifully tiled area and an attendant near by, with whom he can sleep if he gets lonely. Oskar is still looking forward to his forever home, even if he is having the time of his life. Oskar is very focused and highly intelligent. He would do well in agility training or even search and rescue work. Oskar would also be wonderful for older children who want a rough and tumble buddy.

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