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Nadya von Sparrow

Nadya von Sparrow is a wonderful 3 year old German Shepherd. Her foster mom says she is the easiest dog you will find. She's living with 4 other female dogs, a cat and many people coming and going. She's so friendly and sweet.
Per her foster mom:

Nadya is one of those once in a lifetime special dogs.   She is a very mellow momma and has extreme patience with her pups.  She proudly shows them off to visitors with a big smile on her face.  Loud, sudden noises, sirens, dogs barking, children playing around her--no problem for Nadya.     There isn't anything that upsets Nadya but at the same time she is very aware of her surroundings and would not hesitate to alarm her family if needed.  She simply loves life and loves being part of a family.

NADYA with Serena's puppies:


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