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Morgan is a beautiful pure-bred black and red, long-haired German Shepherd. He is big-boned and is a very tall guy. He weighs 84 pounds but needs another twenty pounds. Morgan was held in a city animal shelter for a month waiting for his owner to get enough money to have him licensed. Since he was not neutered it would have been $100. Morgan's owner got him from a breeder, he is 5 years old. He is housebroken and used to being in the house. He was with another dog and likes other dogs. He showed no interest
in a cat he met who was sprawled out in front of him. We usually stop for a double cheeseburger to celebrate getting out of the shelter alive, but we were too early this time. Morgan had to settle for an Egg McMuffin, he was not happy with that and carefully pulled the ham out. Morgan was so visibly happy after being groomed for hours, he felt beautiful again and was prancing. We stopped to take his pictures in front of a pretty garden and discovered that he likes Rosemary and was eating the plants. His former owner was French, maybe he is a gourmet. We are asking a donation of $500 for Morgan because he is so spectacular and also to help other homeless German Shepherds.

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