Monty von Montoya

Monty von Montoya is an ever so handsome 2-year-old German Shepherd who's not only talented at catching a ball... he's even better at catching the hearts of everyone he meets, especially some of our volunteers who find Monty absolutely irresistible.  He is quite the catch at our adoption events too and is happy to hang around everyone just observing everything around him.  Monty walks well on leash and will sit for a treat, which he will take nicely from your hand. He is very alert and attentive and he pays close attention to his handler.   Monty is under the impression that cats are "finger licking good" and despite our best efforts to persuade him otherwise, we must place him in a feline free home.  We know there are wonderful homes out there without those lovable kitties to tempt him, so if you're a 'dogs only' kind of family, Monty should definitely be on your "must see" list of dogs to meet.  


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