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Molly is an 8-month-old petite, beautiful, black and silver female. She weighs 30 lbs. and should fill out to 40-45lbs once she puts on some much-needed weight. She is very sweet, outgoing, affectionate, and just a little needy after her time in a shelter.

What makes Molly special is that she only has one eye, but it certainly doesn't slow her down! No one can figure out what trauma she endured to cause the loss of her left eye, but she is fearful of nothing, and even though she's only 30 lbs., she bosses the two 90+lb dogs around at her foster home.

She follows her foster mom wherever she goes and is perfectly content to rest by her side if she's busy in the yard or kitchen. If her foster mom sits down, Molly makes sure she's right next to her, usually with either her head or a paw in her lap.

She has so much love to give it just bubbles right out of her, and even though she's already a one-year-old, sometimes she acts like a brand new puppy; full of excitement, energy and playfulness - perhaps because of her past, she's just never had the chance to fully enjoy puppyhood ... until now!

She's a little curious about cats, as if she's never seen one before, but she's shown no aggression towards the one in her foster home. Even though the cat's within her reach, and she notices it, if you call her name she immediately forgets it's there and continues with what she was doing.

She is perfect in almost every way and makes you truly realize why we love dogs so much, having only one eye just makes her more special and amazing than you can imagine.

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