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When it comes to looks and temperament, Melvin has it all and is only 2-3 yrs. old. He is just a completely calm, gentle and mellow boy, who could fit into any situation.Melvin is a very well bred dog, someone spent a great deal of money on him. He is about 75 lbs., has great conformation and is so beautiful to look at. He will fill out around 90 pounds plus. His coat is in great shape, he has had good nutrition, it never ceases to amaze us how he was lost and no one came looking for him.. While at the vet's office
waiting for his check up, he quietly sat observed the people and their pets coming and going, not reacting to any of the good and bad behaviors that he witnessed. He was in a shelter for weeks and we were alerted that his time was just about up. Our volunteers are always being asked to come and look at the GSD's in shelters which we do faithfully and especially when we get 'the call' by caring shelter workers. He got great reviews by the staff and when our volunteer took him out for evaluation, she knew he would be going with her. We are so appreciative, that Melvin wasn't missed. We can't even think about what almost happened to this perfect dog. We named him for Melvin to honor one of the kennelman at the shelter who is himself a gentle giant and so kind to all the animals and so helpful to the people searching for a pet. Melvin is a rare find, all he needs is a wonderful family to adopt him. Melvin is waiting to meet you this weekend.

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