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Maverick von Munich

Maverick von Munich is a magnificent, very large and very handsome 5 year old German Shepherd with a high caliber personality.  He's our quintessential classic German Shepherd who is ready to be your wingman!  He's full of all the admirable qualities for the typical shepherd lover. He's gorgeous, he's ready to be your best friend without question, and he's a big guy who will look tough enough to protect you but who is so genuinely sweet you'd think he was made out of marshmallows.  Maverick gets along well with other dogs and even shares a kennel run with one. He knows some of his basic commands and will take a treat from you with such ease you may not even notice. Walking Maverick is a breeze, even in spite of his large size. He's  always right there by your side ready to go wherever you go, just like  any loyal wingman would! Come meet Maverick and you'll see, he'll be  your top dog for sure!


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