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Marky aka Dutch

Marky is a big, easy going two-year-old German Shepherd with striking good looks. We had heard about Marky long before he arrived at our rescue. The staff at a crowded county shelter were entranced with such a spectacular looking dog, complete with obedience training and a gentle temperament. The guys on the staff at the shelter would let Marky, named after one of his buddies at the shelter, hang out with them. If they needed to run out and take care of something, they could give him a command to stay and he would patiently wait for their return. The staff person who had been the one who had picked up Marky when he was lost was very proud of his prize. The minute our volunteer got to the shelter, he quickly pulled her over to show her what he had! Marky's fan club is waiting for pictures of Marky with his proud new family. Marky is a beautifully bred dog, everyone agrees that someone reallly loved this dog and cared a lot about him. It is just another mystery how Marky was lost. It is some family's lucky break.

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