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Major von Nordigen

Major is a classic looking 10 year old German Shepherd. He is so charming and wonderful. He is everything a German Shepherd should be, yet his family could abandon him after so many years of his loyal devotion. However, Major deserved to be lucky some time in his life, maybe it came late but not too late. Major was lucky enough to have people offer to sponsor him, paying his board because older dogs can take months and months to place. Not only did Major have several sponsors who were very interested in his welfare, but happily Major was adopted today by a lovely family. He was lucky to be adopted by a wonderful family but another stroke of luck for Major. He got to pick out his favorite girlfriend to go with him to his new home! So you know who he picked, his flashy looking girlfriend Carol-Ann.Obviously, Major likes blonds. We are so happy for both of these deserving dog. The money from the sponsorships will go to help 8 year old Bear waiting to be rescued in the West Valley Shelter. Thank you all for caring about Major!

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