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Maizy is a beautiful classic looking German Shepherd. She is 12 months old. Maizy is not only beautiful but a wonderful all around perfect family dog. She settles down nicely in the house . She is friendly with other dogs and can't understand if they don't want to play. Maizy has the endearing quality that many shepherds have, of listening so intently and cocking their heads to listen better. She is a sniffer more that a licker. She will sniff you good morning with her long nose rather that give you licks. She will eat lying down and loves to have a bone to chew or a chew toy. She is well behaved and doesn't beg for food. Maizy likes to carry around slippers but she doesn't chew them. She is very gentle with children of all ages and cats as well. Don't be surprised though if she wants to play with the cat or kitten. She will "sit and "down" when asked. She is pretty good on a leash once she settles down after the excitement of going for a walk. She has a tendency to get hot easily and prefers to sleep next to an open window. Maizy is a very sweet and loving dog that still has a very puppy personality.

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