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Maddie von Marbach

Maddie is an 11-month-old, beautiful long-coated shepherd who is grateful for being rescued from a shelter and is looking forward to a better life.  She is completely housebroken.  Maddie enjoys playing with her toys and eating rawhide chewies, as well as going on walks, meeting new people and romping with her doggie friends.  She is a polite passenger in the car, sitting quietly in the back seat next to her German Shepherd buddy and looking out the window.  Maddie “talks” when she needs something, expressing herself with soft, short whines and gentle eyes.  She barks only at appropriate times – and her bark is bigger than she is. One of Maddie’s favorite places is at the foot of the bed where she will sleep quietly all night, but she readily uses her own doggie bed instead, if that is your wish.  She loves to be hugged and sometimes has to be reminded that she is not a lap dog.  Maddie definitely thrives around people and other dogs.



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