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Lyndon von Luzern

Lyndon von Luzern is a very handsome 4 year old German Shepherd. Lyndon has German breeding we can tell by his lines, he is a very classic looking import. Lyndon was lost and ended up in a shelter, it is a mystery since he has been really well care for and well fed. He has a beautiful think coat, actually with a little curl, which is even allowed for German Shepherds being shown. Walking Lyndon is a pleasure, he likes to stroll and sniff and enjoy.He wags his tail the whole time on a walk, he is so happy! We brought him a couple cheeseburgers to cheer him up, but unlike most of our dogs who gulp them down, he didn't want the bread and just picked at the meat and cheese. We think he was someone's pampered baby. So if you are ready to pamper Lyndon he is ready to say good-bye to his new friends for better accommodations, forget a kennel for this boy!



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