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Lucky von Lagerfeld

Lucky's bio as written by his foster mom:

Lucky is an incredible 12 month old shepherd. He is both funny and very intense! He makes me laugh every day when he plays with his toys - he wants me to chase him and doesn't understand that my knees aren't what they used to be, not to mention the fact that I'm really not that interested in chewing up Mr. Fluffy-Bear (his pink teddy)! 
He is great with other dogs, big and small - I take him to the dog park every day and he plays off leash really well with everyone, but he is a bit scared when the bigger dogs sometimes pick on him, and runs back to hide behind me - not good when an army of canines are charging towards us like they're storming the beaches of Normandy! 
When Lucky feels adventurous, he  comes back every so often to check you are still there!  Lucky lays quietly by my side and sleeps when I'm working, and when I have to go out he loves riding in the car.  He is excellent on the leash, and only pulls a little when he wants to say hello to another dog.  He is very intelligent, very gentle and very sensitive.  Because of his horrible past however, Lucky does not want to be left alone just yet.  He would probably be really happy in a house with other dogs, and a family that is around a lot - he LOVES to be with a pack.  He is literally my shadow and worries if he cannot see me.  He bonds deeply and is very affectionate.  Lucky loves to go  running and hiking every day - then he is as good as gold!  I hope Lucky finds a really special, gentle and patient home - he looks deeply and lovingly into your eyes and has so much love to give.  This is one GREAT DOG!



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