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Lola von Amilia

Lola von Amilia is a sweet 4 month old mix of maybe Border Collie/Shepherd/Pointer/??? ...we're guessing. She was found by a Good Samaritan who took her in and
asked us to find a great home for Lola. (unfortunately she couldn't keep her) Lola loves other dogs and bonds quickly to her people. Our guess is she will be around
50-60 pounds once she's fully grown. She's in a foster home with 2 other 6 month old pups and loves playing with them. We will update the bio when we hear from her foster mom.

Per the Amilia, who found her:
While she was with us she was extremely playful, always running and jumping. She did well with my two cats. If she got too close or crossed the lines when playing, they let her know and she backed off. My parents have two miniature daschunds and she was good with them as well. A little rough and clumsy at times, but they all got along. I could be out in the garage with both of the doors opened and she would not go off of the cement. If we were leaving, she would sit at the door while we backed out of the garage. If I put her in the kennel in the back yard she would just wait patiently and quietly for me to come back. Of course she had her moments that she reminded me that she was out there. She always stayed where she could see me. In the car she liked to stay in the back seat and take a nap. On occasion she would sit up and howl. I started to train her with a squirt bottle filled with water. You only have to pick it up and keep it in your hand and she knew to listen. She found something to get into everyday. I would come home and there would be something all over the garage. No matter how well I thought I hid everything, she would out smart me and find something! She didn't chew things up, she just seemed to like to show me that she could find something and make a mess of it. One day I came home and she had pliers and some other large tools, another was a bag of towels for washing the car. My parents have a workshop in the garage and that is where the cats would stay so Lola wouldn't bother them. I cracked the door open one night and made it so the cats could get in and out but not Lola, well somehow she made her way in there, got one of the bags of cat treats, and brought it back out into her bed ripped it open and ate the whole thing. She is pretty clever!


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