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Lehman von Luzern

Lehman von Luzern is a charming classic looking 2 year old German Shepherd. He is gentle and has a calm energy about him. He is great to walk and stays right by your side. He tries so hard to listen and cocks his head, it is so adorable! Lehman is good with other dogs, and seems to get along with everyone. One of our volunteers took Lehman for a sleep over at her house. He is housebroken. She has kids and a dog aggressive cat.  Lehman was so content to be in a family, he was quietly sleeping by the side of the bed, unbeknownst to him the cat Skunk was lying in wait for him under the bed. All of a sudden with torpedo speed a wild puff of fur attacked him and then as quickly as the demon had appeared it left, the whole night Lehman was worried looking around wondering if that thing would appear from no where and attack him again. Leman especially loved the 8 year old girl, she had her friend could walk him around park with their mother close by. Lehman is a “shadow” dogs he will stay right with his family. He will never have an alpha personality, but he looks impressive, but inside he is a doll baby. He loves to ride in the car. Lehman would make any family a great new addition.


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