Lacy is a gorgeous, much sought after, black and red long-haired German Shepherd. The red and black German Shepherds are popular in Western Germany. Lacey is 2 years old and is just a perfect dog. She is completely obedience-trained and responds to handle signals. She knows her commands in German and English since she was being groomed for competetive obedience trials.
Lacey is also trained to go in her crate, all you have to say is, "kennel" and she puts herself to bed. She is housebroken, but just in case you need to transport her in a crate, she will cooperate nicely. She is great in the car and settles right down. Lacey has been trained to respect boundaries and doesn't bolt out the door! Lacy is good with other dogs and was best buddies with the Rottweiler in her former home. They even ate out of the same bowl. Lacy is well adjusted and confident. She loves people and loves to greet everyone she meets. Lacey loves to go to the dog park and socialize with all the other dogs. Lacey is also micro-chipped, spayed and current on her shots. She is such a special dog that we are asking $1000 which will go to a medical fund for needy German Shepherds.

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