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Kai von Timber

Kai von Timber is an 18 month old Wolf/Malamute blend is our best guess. The owner was told she was buying an Arctic/Timber wolf from a breeder but someone from a wolf rescue group doubted that is what she got. We know for sure that Kai needed help; his owner was losing her home the next day. From everything we were told, Kai seems like a wonderful and sweet animal what ever his genetics. He lived in a home, was housebroken, never jumped, loves to sniff the air and track. Kai loves other dogs. He did fine on dog food, he ate just dry kibble. He does need to gain some weight, however. He has been fine with kids he has been around, the youngest was 4 years old. He was raised with cats, but it isn’t to say he would be good with new cats, it might require some work. He is not good with birds and rabbits. He has some training and knows “leave it”, “sit”, “down”, and he shakes with both paws. Kai is so worried right now after losing his home, he was in a vet hospital to get neutered and get new shots. Kai is a magnificent boy, he just blew his winter coat, but once the winter comes again, he will get his full coat again. We can’t wait for our sweet boy to be back in a loving family!


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