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Jethro von Jahrbunden


Jethro von Jahrbunden is a large, classic looking 5-year-old German Shepherd. When most people think of a German Shepherd they think of a dog like Jethro. He knows all of his commands like sit, stay, down and come and he gives such focus when he's being trained that he often anticipates what's coming before you ask.  Jethro was lucky enough to be able to hang out with our beloved trainer OJ at his ranch. Jethro walks well on a leash, is housebroken. OJ has nothing but good things to say about Jethro. He is easy to train also because he loves his balls and has such a play drive. Jethro is very loving and engaging, he doesn’t hold back, he actually looks like he is smiling at you.  Jethro thrives with structure and order.  In that type of home environment there's really no limit to his loyalty and love.  Basically what this means is Jethro needs someone who is confident enough and asks something of Jethro, so Jethro respects his owner and doesn’t think he has to protect him or her. Jethro comes with several follow up session at the ranch in Santa Clarita so you start out on the right foot, Jethro knows the routine, but it is for you. Are you the right person for magnificent Jethro!


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