Jake is a picture-perfect German Shepherd. He is two years old, has had beautiful care ... his coat is like velvet, his ears are perfect. Jake has a wonderful stance and has great confirmation. He was unneutered so is very possible that he was used for breeding. He has a quiet temperament and was so perfect in the vet's office which was loaded with other dogs of all sizes. When Jake walked into the vet's office where he is being boarded, all heads turned to look at our regal guy. One person commented that Zack was "such a stud." He walks well on the leash and sits on command. He doesn't pull on the leash and just trots by your side. He takes treats very gently from your hand. Jake doesn't seem like a dominant dog, just a sweet guy trying to figure out what has happened to him. Our volunteer Sharon sat with him for awhile. He pressed his big head against her cheek. We are very appreciative to our two volunteers who drove up to Hesperia to save two special dogs.
We are asking for a larger donation for our gorgeous guy, to help those dogs who are not as fortunate.
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