Isa von Innsbruck

Isa von Innsbruck is a stunning 8 month old long haired German Shepherd. She comes from the Lancaster Shelter that is surrounded by breeders, the shelter is known for the quality of dogs that end up there. Isa is a character, she is loving her life at her foster home. She gets along very well with the two older male German Shepherds.  She gobbles up her treats but waits for them to finish theirs, she is very respectful. She walks well on the leash; she has met neighbors and is always outgoing and happy. Isa is great with children, she is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. She doesn’t like dog beds and prefers the bare floor. She will watch TV, she is fascinated. Isa is doing well on housebreaking. Only one thing to look out for, Isa just took her foster mom’s favorite Cactus plant out of a flower pot and relocated it, it was a little worse for wear other than that she is pretty perfect for a puppy!


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