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Iris von Hundeheim

Iris von Hundeheim is a playful and sweet 12-month-old German Shepherd girl who is quickly earning the title of "Little Miss Sunshine."  Iris is adorable and utterly irresistible when it comes to her fun-loving personality.  Her unique spirit is captivating and it's all wrapped up inside her from the tips of her golden-toasted ears to her long furry tail that wags like windshield wipers working overtime on a rainy day.  Iris is a bright girl and picks up on things very quickly.  She already knows sit and takes treats easily.  She's great when walking on a leash and really looks to please whenever she can.  She's looking forward to enrolling into a basic obedience class with her new family so she can make them all real proud of her.  Now all she has to do is find where that new family is!  She's sure they're out there somewhere looking for her and she's hoping they read all about her and come meet her in person (hint, hint, wink, wink!).  


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