Indio is the cutest guy, he looks like a large stuffed animal. He is mostly German Shepherd with a touch of Collie. He is only 12 month olds, but already 70 pounds, he should fill out a little more. Our volunteer, AnnMarie was just leaving her hotel in Indio, looking forward to a shopping spree at a few local clothing outlets while her husband was busy at a medical conference. As she was getting into her car, she saw a thin and very frightened German Shepherd looking so desperate and lost. Ann-Marie called out to him and he slowly came over to her. He was happy to climb into the car to safety. She then took him to the shelter to check to see if anyone was looking for him, she posted flyers and talked to everyone. All she found out was that he had been wandering lost for days. One hotel person would have taken him as a guard dog, but Indio was just too nice. He is now safe and sound in Los Angeles. He got two wonderful days with Ann-Marie and her family. Indio loves children and other dogs as long as he knows they won't hurt him. He is housebroken and good in the house. He loves to follow you around and is now a favorite at the veterinary hospital where he is boarded. Unfortunately, Ann-Marie's other dogs didn't want another canine in the family. Hopefully, our charming and handsome boy will be rescued one more time.
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