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Hunter von Lancaster

13 month old Hunter might be the perfect family dog.  He gets along with everyone of every age and is a breeze to walk.  For such a young dog his temperament is mellow and sweet.  He could sit there all day while being petted or gently brushed.  When meeting other dogs he is great but since he is a bit clumsy with his size it's best to watch him with smaller dogs when they try to play.  Oh yeah, did I mention his size?  Hunter is huge and at 13 months he has some growing to do yet.  Don't worry about his ears, they will stay down his entire life and trust me, if you think his ears have to be erect to make people do a double take then you have never met Hunter.  People move when they see his size, then approach when they see his gentle sweet nature.  Out for a drive?  Take Hunter along.  He hops in the back seat, gets himself comfortable and relaxes.  He is house broken and well mannered.  Hunter could use some manners when it comes to food but then again you show a dog that doesn't need that (without the assistance of training) and I will show you a legal $3 dollar bill.  He's a keeper and the family that gets him will be the lucky one.  If you want to add a dog with spunk then check out Hunter's kennel mate and best friend Shorty.



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