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Heidi von Rosandich

As written by her previous family:
Heidi is truly a remarkable pet and deeply loved; she will be very missed by us and we hope that someone will love and take care of her as much as we did. Her full name is Heidi Ann. She was noted by our vet that she has great hips, her weight is excellent for her age and had a lovely disposition about her. I enrolled her in Obedience School of which she graduated from and she has received a certificate. Heidi is 3 years old now. She is very energetic and protective of her loved ones. She loves walks, running at dog park and beaches, she gets along with other med/large dogs; she is friendly to smaller dogs too but more so with med/large dogs. She tends to show dominancy around other dogs but quickly learns her place if another dog is more dominant.  I am not too sure about cats- but I can say that my mother had cats and she was curious but never attacked them, she usually ran up to them and the cats usually swatted her and she backed down. She is housetrained, dog door trained, walks well on leash heels, shakes and sits and most of all is great with and around children. My children (9 & 14) are able to walk Heidi on a leash as well. Heidi would be best placed with a family, a home which has a yard for her to play, maybe another dog for companionship. She loves water and with that said she loves the pool, (I had a baby pool for her and she loved it) she also loves the beach and sand. She loves to be brushed and pet; she will sit for hours to be pet or cocks her head when she hears the word “walk”, she gets really excited. She gets protective of her owner/family when in the car of other cars and people when she sees them (example – sitting at a traffic light or on the freeway or in the fast-food drive through) She barks but usually quiets down when told. My girls and I only ask on her behalf , that she is treated with an abundance of love, affection, exercise, attention, and constant praise as she had received from us. She will serve as a wonderful family member if given the chance.


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