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Hans is the most adorable long-haired puppy anyone could find anywhere. We have been watching the adorable boy in the shelter for 6 weeks. He is between 5 and 6 months old. He will be a big boy. It broke our hearts to see him there with his sister and ten other German Shepherds. They were all "evidence" for a pending case and caught in a limbo. A cock fighting ring was broken up, it turned out they were also breeding German Shepherds. All the German Shepherds are gorgeous high quality dogs, the two puppies we got are exquisite. Today we got the call that the case was over and the dogs are now released for adoption. We are so happy for our big ball of fur, that he now can find his forever home. His sister was adopted already. Hans is very social and affectionate. It is amazing, I guess watching the world from a kennel hasn't seemed to faze him in the least. His coat is beautiful after a trip to the groomers. He prances and loves to go for walks to make up for what he has lost. Hans is still in a boarding kennel, but gets to have play days with his sister who lives not far away.
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