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Hannah and Max von Ghosh

OK, so they're not shepherds, but we couldn't leave them to languish at the shelter.

Max and Hannah are two delightful 4mos old Great
Dane puppies that came in lost to a shelter. Their owners
never came looking for them.
They are now living in a foster home with three very large and friendly dogs. Max and Hannah love to play with the young female German Shepherd and when Hannah is done playing, she will sometimes snuggle up to the 160lbs Saint Bernard and even sit on his head. Both puppies are content to go about their puppy lives without barking or crying. They are so quiet! Both are house trained and crate trained. Instead of using a large crate each, they prefer to snuggle together in one crate and they sleep throughout the night without a sound by their foster mom's bed. Their favorite way of eating is lying on the floor with a bowl between their paws. They always start from their own bowls but never fail to end their meal visiting each other's bowls. Max is weighing in at 54lbs and the vet said that he
will grow up to be a whopper. Male Great Danes can
weigh between 140 and 170lbs. Hannah is not far
behind. Female Great Danes are between 110 and 140lbs.
Both of them will require small meals throughout their
lives in order to prevent bloat.
Max and Hannah are so bonded that they would like to
find a home together.

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