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Hannah and Leah

Leah and Hannah are mother and daughter. They are both classic beauties. Little baby Hanny, looks like a carbon copy of her mother. They are too cute together. Hanny is crazy about her mother and likes to stand right underneath her. Leah and Hannah were given up by a breeder; the typical scenario is animal control warns them that they have too many dogs, so they dump some in a shelter. We enjoy seeing the love and devotion the two have for each other. For right now we are going to try to adopt them together. It would be so perfect, a family could enjoy having a puppy and wonderful Leah, plus they wouldn't have to worry when they weren't home to watch the baby. Hanny is 4 months old and Leah is 5 years old. People always want us to tell them what puppies will look like when they grow up. This time we can show them!


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