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Hali von Heidelberg

Hali von Heidelberg is a beautiful plush coated 2 ½ year old German Shepherd. Her owner got her from a breeder as a puppy, she has gotten good care and has been loved. Her owner had to move back with her mother; Hali is good with dogs her own size, but didn’t do well with her mother’s small dog. She is housebroken and has good manners in the house. She walks well on the leash and has some training. She is loving and very responsive to affection.  Hali looooooves the water, loves playing with the water hose and jumping into a pool.  She loves to cuddle and to just kiss you and sit quietly with you.  She does better with older kids.  She doesn’t jump when she’s excited to see you; she waits patiently as she wags her tail at you.  She does sit, stay, and lay down on command. Hali will be your shadow and follow you everywhere



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