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Hailey von Hamburg

Hailey von Hamburg is a stunning 18 month old red/black German Shepherd.  She has a majestic presence and it is a pleasure to watch her run and prance.  She is intelligent and a quick learner - she learned sit, down, and stay in no time flat.  Because she is so smart, Hailey, like most shepherds, needs regular physical and mental stimulation.  Jogging, hiking, agility, sheepherding, or any advanced training would suit her just fine.  She only wants to please which makes her so trainable.  She plays fine with all the dogs at the boarding kennel when they have group playtime. With people, she is sweet, affectionate, and gives tons of kisses.  She's alert to her surroundings. Hailey is an all around great German Shepherd girl!!  (No cats, please).

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