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Gunner is a large, beautiful German Shepherd. He is very well-bred and someone had to have paid a breeder top dollar for him. He is an easy-going, 4-year-old guy, who was very happy to be out of the shelter. We saw him in a crowded shelter, dogs barking, most of the dogs going to the chain link to look people in their eyes and wag their tails. Not Gunner, he was so depressed, that he could hardly even left his head, let alone look at anyone. We almost missed him in the back of a kennel with five other dogs. Once the attendant came with a rope to pull him out, it was if he couldn't believe it was he out of the group that was chosen. Once he walked into the hall, we could see him come alive. Our volunteer was even surprised herself how incredible he was once he was out of the run. People stopped to look at the impressive German Shepherd trotting by, they were the same people who had passed him before. Gunner seems to know about crate training and was only too happy to leap in the crate in the back of the station wagon. He walks well on the leash and seems really well behaved. He is alert and a typical German Shepherd who was already watching his surrounds to make sure that a gardener who was walking behind our volunteer, was an okay guy. Gunner was picked up lost. He had on a collar that was much too big for him, we think our sweet boy was probably too depressed to assert himself with the other dogs in the run to eat his food. Gunner should weigh about 90 pounds. He is 76 pounds now. Gunner is beautiful now, but just imagine with a little more weight he'll be unbelievable!

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