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Glory von Glucklich

Glory von Glucklich is the most adorable 12 month old Shepherd mixed with a slightly smaller breed. She looks all shepherd, just a little smaller, maybe 50 pounds or so. She shared a run with a shepherd we were rescuing, and was looking so excited and hopeful when we took the other dog out, we just couldn't leave her behind. Although she was shy first, she quickly warmed up to our volunteer and snuggled into her lap, enjoying the hug she was getting, her tail thumping non stop. She's good with other dogs and even shared a crate with her kennel mate on her way from the shelter. She would be a perfect companion for those of you looking for a medium sized love-bug lap-dog. She's just so endearing.

I'm a little shy so I hid under the ivy but check out
how happily my tail was wagging !

After a few minutes I felt so comfortable with my rescuer,
I came out and turned over for belly rubs! (she loves me!)


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