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Gabriel is a well-bred German Shepherd. He is one of those elegant dogs that you would expect to see in someone's luxury home. It is especially painful to see a dog like Gabriel curled up in the corner of a cold cement shelter run floor, covered with infected wounds from his head to the bottom of his tail. Gabriel is 89 pounds and has extra large bones, but even at that weight his head seems too big for his body ... he could easily weigh 100 pounds.

At sometime in his life someone must have loved him because he is beautifully trained and loves people.One of our volunteers spotted Gabriel at a county shelter (actually Gabriel spotted her) he worked his charms the best he could through chain link fencing. He tried to give her his paw, when she came near he sat for her and responded to every command she could think of. Still she struggled with whether to take this poor creature in need of immediate veterinary care or not. She checked the shelter site in the evening to see if Gabriel was still among the living. The shelter staff was holding on to Gabriel knowing full well that Barbara would be back for him.The next day one of the kennel people helped get Gabriel to the car. Once the crate was open in the back of the SUV, Gabriel didn't need anymore coaxing, he leaped happily into the crate. He knew this was the first day of the rest of his life. Today we visited with Gabriel at the veterinary hospital, his skin is healing after his medicated baths, but he still has some mending to do though he is feeling so much better; enough so that he wanted to talk and talk. One of the things he has been telling us is that he is ready for someone to love him again. He wants to be back in a home with someone to love. We need donations to help pay for Gabriel's care.

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