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Freida von Frankfurt

Freida von Frankfurt is a lively, loving 10-month-old German Shepherd who recently applied for her very own Licker License.  She’s still trying to perfect the art of her slobbery licks and once she’s fully licensed, we’re afraid there will be no stopping her!  Freida believes in approaching everything in life with enthusiasm and drive.  She wants to play and may not take no for an answer!  Freida sits for a treat and so far hasn't eaten a treat she didn't like!  She loves to learn and lives to please, so training her will be easy, especially if you make it fun for her. Freida thinks everything is fun and interesting, especially you!  Anything you do, she’ll want to do.  Fun is always guaranteed when Freida’s around!  Freida is a beautiful girl, on the inside and out and is sure to bring a lifetime of love to your life! 


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