Dusty is a wonderful 8-year-old German Shepherd. He was dumped at an animal shelter by his owners. Dusty now lives at a boarding kennel. He has completely charmed Rose, the woman who runs the kennel. She feels that Dusty is an "old soul." Dusty loves his big cozy bed, but he has nothing much else to look forward to. Even though Dusty is everything a German Shepherd should be in breeding and in temperament, no one wants Dusty. Some time long ago Dusty had injured his leg and his owners did nothing for Dusty, so it didn't heal straight. We have had x-rays and there isn't anything that needs to be done. Dusty is fine with it. He loves to chase a moth or jump for joy or go for a nice walk. Dusty needs a family who can see that he is special with so much to give, so much love and appreciation for whatever small bit of attention he gets. We would really love to see Dusty be in a home and out of a kennel. Let us know if you would even be willing to foster Dusty until he can find a forever home.

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