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Dude is a 3-year-old, rare black-and-red sable. The sable German Shepherd is a very popular working dog in the Eastern part of Germany. Dude is medium in build but athletic and fast. He would have no problem jumping through windows of a car or home. He has a short, neat coat and has had good care. He was already micro-chipped and neutered when he was found. We don't know why no one came for this beautiful dog. Dude9 (his original name) is very smart and knows how to make good things happen for himself. One of our volunteers saw Dude on a trip to the shelter. Two weeks later to her surprise, Dude was still there waiting for his owner to come. Dude recognized the volunteer from a distance. Actually, she could only see him through a viewing window. Dude's tail was wagging. We made sure to put our name on the computer at the shelter so we would get a call when Dude needed us to come to his rescue.
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