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Diva is a very deserving dog. Life has been very hard for her. We don't know a lot about her past, but we do know that she recently had puppies. The typical scenario is that a female is bred, all but one of the puppies are sold to replace the mom who is no longer wanted. Diva's fate was worse than most, she was dumped in the desert. She must have been driven in the night so no one would report the pathetic people who pushed her out of the car. Diva was left with no food or water.The days were scorching, hot and the nights cold. She managed to survive somehow, but she was just skin and bones, when she again approached the freeway hoping for someone to help her. A motorist finally stopped, Diva was so happy to jump in the car thinking she was finally safe. Unfortunately, Diva was driven to the closest animal shelter which turned out to be an over-crowded county shelter. Diva couldn't compete with the other dogs, her ribs showing and her ears bitten by flies, everyone wanted the perfect dog and walked past her quickly. We knew when the shelter planned to euthanize Diva, so on her last day one of our volunteers went to get her. We just didn't think it seemed fair that after all she survived that she was going to die. Diva is now in boarding at a veterinary hospital. She is doing poorly confined to a wire cage. We want to send Diva to camp for two weeks. It is $30 a day to spend her days off leash going to the mountains and piling in the back of a van for a trip to the beach. Diva is staying with a very well-known dog psychologist, Cesar, "the Dog Whisperer" who says she is a sweet submissive girl. Underprivileged kids need camp and so does Diva. We are hoping someone will be a Guardian Angel to this brave girl. Even help with one day would be so appreciated. We thanks those who have contibuted so far.

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