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Dieter von Graulich

Dieter von Graulich is a remarkably handsome 2-year-old German Shepherd who is your typical shy but romantic type.  He believes the right relationship is everything, so once you’ve won his heart, he’ll warm up to you rather quickly.  In no time at all, Dieter will be inching his way to be closer and closer to be near you.  We guess you could say, he’s a lot like super glue.  It takes some effort getting it out of the tube, but once it’s out, it bonds quickly to you in seconds flat!  Dieter is anxiously awaiting the removal of his cast before summer because he’s afraid he’ll get those weird tan lines while he’s hiking the trails of Malibu Canyon (or some place fun like that).  He’s ready to get back to the active lifestyle of hiking and running with his person.  But for now, he’s staying indoors until the cast is off and he’s good as new!  Dieter is ready when you are.  All he needs from you is that ring around the collar with his name on it (and your number) that says he’s yours forever.


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