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Daisy von Jampol

Daisy von Jampol is an adorable 3 month old German Shepherd mix. Our guess is she will be around 45 pounds, but could be smaller or larger! Daisy is so sweet and gentle, but she first assesses things. Her sister Lily is the first one to greet any visitor but Daisy waits and checks them out first. She is just a little tentative at first, but only 24 hours in a foster home and she has the routine down and is a very easy and charming house guest. We feel that for first time pet owners, German Shepherd mixes are a good way to start. Daisy is smart but less intense than a pure shepherd. She is smart but has a much calmer energy. Daisy enjoys snuggling with another dog so she should be placed in a family with another dog. She would be fine with kids too. She would make a wonderful
addition to just about any family situation.


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