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Dax is a once in a life time dog. He is from K-9 Kennels in Burbank, he was born of import working line parents. He is bred to work as opposed to show. He is a sable, which is very typical of the Eastern European working dogs. He has a tattoo in his ear which shows that he is part of a registry. Dax is completely obedience trained and knows all his commands in German and English as well. He was born on Oct. 31 and just turned two. He is a Halloween pup.
Dax has such an active mind that he loved the tricks his former owner would teach him. Dax was taught to open a refrigerator and get his owner a beer. If you tell him to 'sit' he will sit in the traditional manner. If you say 'sit pretty,' he would sit as if begging with his paws up. Dax loves to play ball and will always retrieve the ball he started out with, you can't distract him by offering him another. We think Dax would make an ideal search and rescue or possible a service dog. He has a high working drive and would do best in a stimulating environment. He would enjoy being a jogging buddy and loves to play fetch with tennis balls. He lived with a man, but adores the ladies. The man who raised Dax and loved him so much gave up Dax at the request of his pregnant girl friend. What a tragedy because I'm sure Dax would have been devoted to the baby. Dax is micro-chipped, neutered and has all his shots.He has been assessed by one of the trainers who has volunteered with German Shepherd Rescue for many years. He thinks Dax is a spectacular dog! We are asking a donation of $1,000 for this special dog. It is certainly higher than our usual adoption fee, but it is just a fraction of what someone would pay for a dog like Dax. The money will go for his care and to help with Rosie's surgery.

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