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Cora von Carlsburg

Cora von Carlsburg is a lovely 13 month old plush coated German Shepherd. She is a regal beauty, when she arrives from her foster home for the adoption event everyone has to turn and look.  Her coat is like silk and she has a lovely prancing gait. Her comfort zone is at her foster home, with her foster brother Rusty adopted from Westside. Cora would like to make her appearance at adoption events short so she can go back home. She becomes attached to her human "family" easily, is very loving and affectionate; gets along well with a 5 year old dominant GSD male Rusty - loves to play with him - she usually initiates the play and becomes submissive when he tries to dominate her, then bites his hind leg when he is walking away so he'll play again; she is the typical bratty little sister who gets away with anything just because she is so cute. She is a very fast runner and can easily outrun and outsmart her foster brother; likes going for a walk and loves riding in a car; settles down at home, is easy going and an overall happy girl. she is easy on a leash; takes treats gently. Completely housebroken and crate trained;  alerts us when someone is at the door or passing by, but doesn't bark unnecessarily; has gone through a basic training - knows sit, down, some stay. Very watchful of visitors/guests and takes her time to warm up to strangers. Doesn't shed much and it's easy to maintain her beautiful coat with brushing; very interested in our cat, so perhaps a household without a feline would be best. She's full of enery so a family without very young/small children would be better; older ones probably OK. Please let us know if you are interested in meeting Cora so we can make sure she is at the adoption event.


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