Cookie is a handsome, classic looking German Shepherd male. Cookie is his original name; not exactly the name we would have picked for a 100 lb. male shepherd. He was brought to the animal shelter by his family. Cookie has a large burn on his back. It looks like someone poured paint remover on his skin. Even after ten days in the shelter it was still caked on his fur. The burn is raw and painful. You can see where the paint remover dripped down his side, burning that as well. Cookie is only eight years old and has some really good years ahead of him. He deserves a special family this time because we want to make up for what was done to him. He is very sweet with people and very responsive. He is a dream to walk on the leash. Cookie was wonderful when we had him in a crowded veterinary hospital. He seemed good with everything and everyone. Cookie has one of those special personalities. He is just so warm and lovely. He mustered all his charm to make sure the volunteer checking the shelters wasn't going to pass him by. He didn't take his big, soft brown eyes off of her, he tried giving her his paw by pressing it up against the chain link. She knew how hard it is to get older dogs adopted, but she felt Cookie really deserved a chance. We would love to get Cookie into a home quickly. If you couldn't adopt him, maybe you would be willing to foster him for awhile.
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