Colt von Essen

Colt von Essen is a 3.5 month old stunning mix of fluffy cuteness.
This lover boy may look like a teddy bear now but, by the look of his height and size of his legs at 3+ months, he will probably be a handsome hunk when he grows up.  Colt is a mellow fellow who enjoys being hugged and lying next to you while you read or watch TV.  He likes to play with his toys and chewies - and sometimes with the furniture or newspaper - but he is quick to respond to a firm "no" if he has the wrong thing in his puppy mouth.  If you meet your neighbors on the sidewalk, he will greet them like a gentleman and then sit to study growing grass or passing cars while you visit awhile.  He is fine with other dogs, both willing to play and yet having an inner sense if they do not want to be bothered.  This special boy is ready and waiting for a home that will love him as much as he will love them.


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